Tips on How to Learn Poker By Yourself

There are many reasons a person wants to play poker. Some do it for fun, while others play the game to earn some money and to sharpen their mental faculties and analytical abilities.

If you are interested in learning poker for whatever reason, you need to know that learning the game requires ongoing improvement to become a successful player. Understanding the basic rules and mechanics of the game is not difficult; it only requires constant practice to get the hang of it.

You can teach yourself how to play the game using the following tips.

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Study every aspect of poker

Poker is a game that requires strategy; however, before you can completely comprehend why you should be acting a specific way in a particular circumstance, you must first understand the basics of it. Learning about ranges, position advantages, player habits, pot odds, implied odds, and total hand equity is part of the game.

Start by reading a comprehensive poker guide or learning the fundamentals of poker chips. You may also sign up for online discussion boards and forums where you can talk to other poker players.

You can use the internet to find these guides that can help you learn how to play poker. There are also dedicated videos for how you can simplify the studying process.

Don’t try to cram everything. The game’s fundamentals require some time to practice. This strategy will help you solidify your understanding and gain priceless firsthand experience.

Read books about poker

Poker books continue to be helpful as a source of educational resources even though numerous new forms of poker content would interest a player. Most of them were authored by professional poker players who built successful careers and made millions of dollars playing the game.

It would help if you took the time to read a handful of these books since their expertise and knowledge are priceless. Of course, you need to know where to look for poker books because some cater to novice players while others offer information for more seasoned players.

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Watch online educational videos

Internet-based instructional videos are a great way to practice the game. If you can afford it, paid video classes like the Masterclass (or another similar course) may be available. If your budget prevents you from making such purchases, you can still discover free-to-access tutorials on YouTube or other training websites.

You may also watch pros stream their games on Twitch poker, where they frequently share helpful advice and justify their choices at the table. There is great potential that you can learn important information for free and use it to improve your game later.

It would help if you strived to maintain a balance. Instead of watching videos continuously and filling up a notebook, you should carefully review them, highlight a few fresh insights, and then try incorporating them into your gameplay over time. Next, determine whether or not those techniques, advice, or strategies are beneficial.

Join a freeroll poker tournament

If you are confident in your strategy, you can get more practice by participating in an online freeroll game. There is no entry fee for freeroll poker tournaments, but there are still prizes or a prize pool.

You can gain practical experience to strengthen your techniques. You learn from your errors and improve your strategies when playing poker online.

Freeroll competitions might help you improve your judgment. You get to decide which starting hands are ideal for you, calculate your chances of striking certain hands when you see the flop and determine your outs.

You must be prepared to encounter many players eager to move all-in with 8-high or worse when participating in freerolls. The main reason is that players don’t spend money on buy-ins.

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Try learning by visiting forums

You will have many questions as you learn and practice the game. Poker forums are an excellent place to look for answers to your worries. These platforms meet various needs, but their primary purpose is to provide a forum for debating and learning about poker. You can submit hand descriptions there and solicit feedback from more seasoned players.

It will help you improve your skills and allow you to interact with others who share your enthusiasm for the game. You can always stay updated on the newest tactics and advances by checking out the poker forums, which are the finest places to acquire news.

Schedule daily study sessions

If it’s not on your schedule, nothing gets done. Plan your daily study accordingly. You can try 30-minute sessions, which are simple to squeeze in during lunch breaks; even 10-minute study matters more than nothing.

It doesn’t matter when you study; all that counts is finishing. Choose a time that works for you, add it to your daily agenda, and get to work.


It’s simple to practice poker on your own. All you need is commitment, tolerance, and time. There isn’t a secret to becoming a good poker player who earns thousands of dollars weekly. It will help if you put in a lot of effort to improve your game to reach particular objectives.

There is currently a vast amount of poker content available for free to anyone interested. With its help, you can learn the game from scratch and slowly advance to a professional level.