Have a Travel Bug? Explore the Poker Culture in Beautiful South America!

Poker tournaments and cash games are legal in Brazil, but this applies only to tournaments, as poker matches are considered games of skill. Live cash games are not included in this exception, making it more difficult to find cash game opportunities. Tournaments are more popular not only in Brazil but also throughout South America. With a population of over 200 million people, Brazil is a significant market for poker.

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The Landscape of Poker in South America

Traveling to South America can be an exciting adventure if you’re an avid poker player. Many countries in this region have a famous poker scene, with games like Hold ’em Poker and Stud Poker being played. South American casinos also offer poker games along with other popular gambling options.

Poker players are increasingly drawn to Latin America as it offers a variety of thrilling poker rooms. The region boasts a scenic and diverse landscape, making it an ideal destination to combine a relaxing vacation with poker gaming in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, or Uruguay. 

To fully enjoy your poker trip in Latin America, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the local customs and culture and hone your poker skills. You’ll be delighted with the top-notch poker rooms in this region!

In Venezuela, situated at the northern tip of South America, multiple casinos offer many poker variations, including the popular Stud Poker. Continuing eastward, in Suriname, gambling is a common pastime, and there is at least one casino where poker players can enjoy playing. One of the poker games offered at the Suriname casino is Caribbean Stud Poker.

If you’re a poker player, head west from Venezuela to explore the tremendous poker-playing opportunities in Colombia. Colombia’s casino offers various poker games, including popular Caribbean Stud Poker and Hold ‘Em Poker. Further south, you’ll reach a small country packed with casino gambling fun and where poker games are available in many locations throughout the country.

In Ecuador, multiple poker games are available for players at casinos. One popular variation is Caribbean Stud poker, but there are other options. Similarly, Peru has many casinos offering various poker games to interested gamblers. Peru casinos provide the popular variation of Oasis Stud poker. 

Poker is a well-liked game in South America, including Peru. Meanwhile, Chile, located on the Western coast of South America, has many poker games available for casino players. Poker players can enjoy various popular poker variations in Chile.

In the central part of South America lies Paraguay, a small country with a limited number of casinos. However, it can be a suitable destination for poker players as various cities offer poker games in their casinos. Meanwhile, despite its size, Uruguay, a tiny country in the southeastern region of South America, has plenty of casinos. People who like playing poker will enjoy this destination, which is famous for poker, just like other South American countries.

If you’re a poker player vacationing in South America, consider visiting Argentina if you have the time. Poker playing in Argentina is regarded as some of the best in the region, with many top-quality casinos offering various styles and limits of poker games. Players worldwide agree that Argentina is a great place to play poker, thanks to its numerous high-quality casinos.

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Latin America’s Amazing Poker Players

Making legal poker more accessible to a larger population can significantly benefit the game. Brazil, for instance, has already seen a positive impact, with famous soccer player Neymar Jr. being a big fan and avid poker player who frequently flexes his great poker hands. In addition to this, significant tournaments like WSOP Brazil and BSOP are being held in the country.

The winners of the WSOP Main Event were Carlos Mortensen from Ecuador, who won in 2001, and Damian Salas from Argentina, who won in 2020. Mortensen received $1.5 million for his win. In comparison, Salas earned a higher amount of $2.551 million due to the tournament being held as a hybrid online live event because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Latin American Poker Tour & Latin Poker Rooms

Although the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) once made stops in six South American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, and Uruguay, the series was discontinued in 2016 after nine seasons. Nonetheless, South American casinos offer many opportunities to enjoy card games like poker. Even in countries like Suriname, where poker rooms are not as prevalent, most casinos still host poker games that are enjoyable and popular among visitors.

Argentina boasts unparalleled casinos and an occasionally packed poker room in Latin America, making it the ideal gambling destination. Argentina is a picturesque country with numerous casinos, dozens of poker tables, and hundreds of millions of dollars to win at prestigious South American tournaments. Popular casinos in Buenos Aires include Casino Puerto Madero, Casino Buenos Aires, Casinos del Litoral – Hipodromo, and Casinos del Litoral – Costanera, and they are highly recommended for poker fans.

If you’re looking to play different types of poker, it’s essential to think about the location where you’ll be playing. Players in Venezuela prefer Stud Poker, while Colombian players enjoy Texas Hold ’em and Caribbean Stud Poker. Poker can be found in Ecuador, but some games are more popular. For example, Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold ’em are widely played by locals in Ecuador.

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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) usually takes place at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has attracted more players from Latin America because of its diverse appeal. People who play poker online have also become more popular among fans from Venezuela, Chile, and other countries. The Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) is a well-known tournament that hosts Omaha and Mixed Games, and it frequently occurs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Final Thoughts

Poker is growing in popularity worldwide, and Latin America is no exception. This post has looked at some of Latin America’s best places to play poker. Undoubtedly, the poker culture in South America is among the wealthiest and most vibrant in the world. From its storied history as a part of Latin American culture to its increasing role in today’s digital age, this unique population provides an intriguing mix of traditional and modern elements. 

Poker has always been associated with risk-taking and excitement, yet this region takes these aspects to another level by elevating it to an art form. It is one of the few areas where poker players are considered celebrities, showing their dedication and influence on this game. Of course, there remains a lot to be learned about the poker scene in South America, but as one of the rapidly growing communities within gaming, this region will surely make its mark on the world stage.